You and Me Against the World


This is part of a script I wrote. It is based off of the Secret Intelligence Service trope. There are two partners, Elena and Nicole, who are set off on an unknown mission, when they find out more than they were supposed to.

You and Me Against the World


Nicole and Elena are in their joint office. Elena has her feet up on the desk and Nicole is sitting on the couch. They are chatting and laughing about nonsense when suddenly they get an interruption.

The door slams open as their chief leader storms into the room.

Aiden Becker: We have a problem.

Nicole and Elena both give each other a look before turning their attention back to Aiden.

Aiden: The location has been compromised. We don’t know how or by who, but there is a traitor among us.

Nicole: A traitor?

Aiden: We have found proof that someone leaked our location through a burner cell, but they are in the wind. Headquarters doesn’t have a clue as to who is responsible.

Elena: What are we supposed to do?

Aiden: I have equipped your cells with all the information we know. We need you to bring these people to justice and recover the location.

Nicole: We know how much the location means to you. We’re on it.

Aiden: Please, save them. Hurry!

Elena and Nicole grab their phones and “go-bags” and quickly exit the office, leaving Aiden to stare at the wall for a few moments before sighing, placing his head in his hands.



The girls head for the door, making their way through all the debris. They emerge and quickly jump into their car. Elena pops open her laptop as Nicole starts the car and you see Elena transferring files from her phone to the computer.

Elena: Something seems off about this.

Nicole: I know. I can feel it. There’s something strange going on.

Elena: Doesn’t Aiden usually come with us on the ride to the airport?

Nicole: Yeah, that’s just another thing that’s off about this.

Elena shakes her head as she continues typing on the laptop.

Elena: There isn’t much information on here. It’s basically just what Beck told us.

Nicole: That’s probably why we’re on the case. We are the best of the best.

Nicole winks at Elena and they both laugh.

Nicole: Okay, we’re here. Did they give us the coordinates?

Elena: Yeah, I have them, but it’s taking us to the middle of the ocean…naturally.

Nicole: Should’ve brought my bathing suit.

The two girls get out of the car and make their way to the private jet that “The Circus” provides them with. Elena goes up to the pilot and gives him the coordinates, before returning to the cabin. She makes herself and Nicole and cup of tea. She grabs the two travel cups and sets in on the table, taking a seat.

Nicole: Thanks El, but my stomach is in knots. There is something that is seriously wrong with this mission.

Elena: It’s probably due to the location. We both know that whatever is there is extremely important to Beck and now that it’s compromised, we have a lot resting on our shoulders to recover whatever it is.

Nicole: This would be a lot easier if we knew what was there.

Elena: I know, Nikki, but I guess we’ll just have to figure it out ourselves.

Nicole: I hate being kept in the dark.

Elena: Me too, it really sucks.

Elena leans her head back and closes her eyes as Nicole leans her head against the window and frowns.



The girls enter the covert building that was camouflaged in the dark Atlantic ocean, eyes roaming around as they take in their surroundings. A man leads them through the bustling and takes them to a room where a woman is already seated. The girls take a seat as the man clears his throat and stands by the door. 

Nicole: Are we at the location?

Erin Strasser: Unfortunately, no. We are the base that keeps surveillance over all the locations in the surrounding area. We have requested you, because we have lost our contact on the island and there was unexpected air-flight and an unknown subject has landed.

Elena: So you don’t actually know what is happening.

Erin: Correct. Which is why we requested the two of you. None of our agents have the skill set to enter the island and retrieve what is there.

Nicole: And what is there?

Erin: I’m afraid that’s classified. You will know when you see it.

Nicole and Elena share a glance before nodding to Erin and standing up.

Elena: Will you have transportation to the location?

Erin: Of course. You two should eat something before you leave. We don’t know what is down there and it’s better to be prepared.

The two girls exit the room and follow the man as he leads them to the supposed cafeteria. 



The girls are crouching behind a bush as they listen to the voices of the men near the tent. They got to the location, which turned out to be an island that they had to climb down a ladder out of the helicopter to the lifeboat in the water and then row themselves to shore. They found the intruders and are sat in hiding, trying to hear something. There is rustling and Elena cranes her head to see the figure of a new person come into the clearing. 

Male #1: Sir, you really shouldn’t be out here. The agents will be here soon and we can’t risk them seeing you here.

Aiden: Relax. Erin is supposed to hold them off at the base for a few more hours. They won’t even know I’m involved.

Elena and Nicole whip their heads towards each other, holding in gasps. They would recognize that voice anywhere. 

Male #2: We have the prisoner in our possession. There will be nothing left at the location when the agents arrive. There will be nothing to attach you to this wretched place anymore.

Aiden: Good, we cannot risk anything. Once this is complete, I can finally feel at peace.

There is a cry of pain released from the tent and the girls watch as all the men’s faces harden. 

Aiden: Someone shut her up! Why haven’t we gotten rid of her already?

Male #1: We are sorry sir, but we were waiting to bring her to you, so you could approve. We didn’t want to rush ourselves.

Aiden: I appreciate the thought, but I want her gone by nightfall. If the agents get here before she’s dead, they will find a way to save her. They are the best of the best and nothing will stop them.

The men go inside the tent, Aiden looking around once before ducking in and closing the flap. The girls quickly move away from the clearing and they don’t start talking until they are a safe distance away. 

Nicole: I can’t believe Beck is part of this. The location was so important to him. How could he do this?

Elena: I don’t know, but we have to stop them. There is a woman in there and we don’t know why she’s being held captive.

Nicole: He said Erin was supposed to stall us. She’s in on it too!

Elena: We can’t trust anyone in the service until we settle this. I don’t understand how Aiden got so high up in the chain when he is a traitor.

Nicole: I don’t understand how he could have done this!

Elena: Me neither, but we need to find out who that woman is and save her before they kill her!

Nicole: Okay, let’s make a plan.

That was just a small portion of the script. Cliffhangers are crucial parts of SIS tropes. They leave the audience wanting more and pull them into the world that’s been created. It makes whatever is missing “Classified” and you can feel like an agent yourself, trying to find the secrets that are hiding.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Josilyn Nicole says:

    I absolutely loved reading this script! I was so drawn in after reading the first scene! I was actually really sad when this script ended because I wanted to read more! I think that you did a really good job with making the script suspenseful. You made this exciting, shocking, nerve-racking, and fun to read, all at the same time! I honestly think that this should be turned into a short film. *WINKY FACE* (WE NEED TO FILM THIS) Also, I loved the “Nicole” character!


  2. Hello! I loved reading your script! I enjoyed the fact that you chose to make a script instead of writing a traditional story. It’s more convenient I feel like cause you can really imagine everything that is going on in the story very well! I also loved that you left a cliff hanger. I’m personally a fan of them because it leaves you to your own imagination of what happens next! By the way I thought the part where they are in the car and they wink at each other for being, “the best of the best” very amusing.


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