Spring Broke Yosemite

IMG_3315The older generation has a very warped perception of the millennial generation. They think all we do is sit around on our beds and play our electronic devices. Yes, almost every single teenager in the U.S. today has some type of phone. They use it to pass time, so the older generation must think with all the time spring break has to offer, teenagers will spend all of it on Netflix or social media sites. This is most likely one of the reasons why teachers give so much homework over break. They think that with all the free time, teenagers will fill their brains with the garbage of technology. This is their expectations, but the reality is quite different. 

My dad told me we were going to a place called Briceburg. I have never heard of Briceburg. My best friend had never heard of Briceburg. You haven’t heard of Briceburg. There isn’t even a recorded population for Briceburg. Now naturally, I looked it up on a map and found that it was in the general location of Yosemite. It didn’t really click in my brain that we were going to be visiting Yosemite. I thought we were going to spend four days in the middle of nowhere.

I knew we were going to be staying in a house where you couldn’t see any other houses. There was no one around where we were staying, so it was sort of a ghost town. I thought the house was going to be rundown and sort of freaky. As it turns out, I was wrong. 

To start off, the house was a lot newer and kept up than I thought. It was really nice and homely. There was a pool in the backyard that was freezing cold, but it was clean. There were three rooms with a bed for everyone in my family. There was a fridge, AC, a heater, and even WiFi.

We went to Yosemite Park two out of the four days that we were there. The first day we went it was pretty empty of people, so we got to go around and enjoy most of the waterfalls.

Then, my dad decided to go the next day.

We arrived at noon and waited in the line of cars going back a mile just to get into the park. This should have been a very strong indicator to turn around and go find something else to do, but we waited in the line. It was Earth Day and it just so happened to be National Park Day as well, so everyone got into the park for free.

We finally get in and it takes forever to find a parking spot. We park and go to wait in line to get onto the shuttle bus to take us to the trail-head for Mirror Lake. The wait for the bus took an hour. No exaggeration.

There were three buses that passed by and said they were completely full and couldn’t take anyone else. They also said that all the buses were caught in traffic and were an hour and a half behind schedule.


We finally got on the bus and were able to go on our hike. We then tried to get onto the bus to go see Yosemite falls. That one wasn’t as long of a wait, but it was still quite awhile.

The time was nearing 8:00 at night and my family hadn’t eaten anything all day. We were all starving and by the time we got back to the parking lot, the snack bar was closed. We went into the grocery store instead and got a little bit of food to prepare for our hour drive back to the house.

As soon as I knew we were going to be visiting Yosemite from our stay, I thought it was going to be fun. We could go see the waterfalls. I could get some great pictures. It would be a nice experience. And it was.

But, I wasn’t expecting it to be that crowded. There was so many people there the second day that you couldn’t really enjoy the nature around you. I was outside, enjoying the air, having fun outside of electronics.

So the next time someone from the older generation tells me their expectations of a teenager’s spring break, I’ll tell them the reality of my own.


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