To Live In the Unexpected

img_2187My mom recently got a tablet. She absolutely loves her tablet. No one can touch her tablet or use her tablet, except for her. She created a Google Calendar that has my entire family linked up to it. She has our every hour planned out from the time we wake up to go to school to the time we get home and go to sleep.

Lately, my siblings and I have tried to get her to separate from trying to plan everything out to the last minute. We have gotten a bit tired of this helicopter flying over our heads every time we want to do something. If I want to go out with my friends, it’s a storm of questions blown my way. Where are you going? Who will you be with? What time are you leaving? What time are you coming home? Are you going anywhere else? At what exact time are you having bathroom breaks?

Okay, that last one doesn’t happen, but you get my point. If something happens that is off of the schedule, the entire world is going to fall apart and nothing will ever go right ever again.

In my experience, hanging out with my friends is a whole lot more fun if we don’t have everything planned out and things just happen. It’s the unexpected that lets you become free.

These days, children don’t have that freedom. Their “play-dates” are planned by their parents down to the very hour they must be picked up from the house they were confined to stay in the entire time. When these kids become teenagers, they go from wanting to leave the house and play outside with every opportunity they have to staying in their bedrooms until they are dragged to go out.

We have gotten to the point where we are locked inside our entire childhood that when it becomes time for us to leave the nest and go outside to “play” in the adult world, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We have lost sight of living in the world and prefer to stay in our houses, avoiding the outside altogether.

The human mind develops through play. Having freedom to do unexpected things leads you to finding creativity. Some of the most famous inventors of modern technology are drop-outs from school. School!

If these people dropped out of the ONLY source of learning for children, how did they create these great things? It’s simple. They had the time and creativity to play with the things they loved and they created something even better out of it.

Thomas Edison is a name that children know from the age of 8. He has over 1,000 patents in his name that he created all by himself! He tried to invent something and when it wouldn’t work, he tried it a different way until it did work. This is the definition of learning! He didn’t learn this in school, he learnt it by himself, using his own creativity.

Parents are so focused on keep this schedule for their children.

  1. Go to elementary school
  2. Go to middle school
  3. Go to high school
  4. Go to college
  5. Get a degree
  6. Find a career
  7. Work for the rest of your life

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really see any room for play, or having fun, or even just taking a break. It’s just boom. boom. boom. One thing right after another. It’s hard to know that this is the life we have to look forward to. A comparison that has always stuck with me is that there is a difference between living and existing.

EXISTING is the going along with this schedule that is given to you from before you were even born.

LIVING is going through life along the path of the unexpected. Rock the boat a little. Don’t use your Maps app to find out where to go. Take a year off of college.

Relieve yourself of the hovering of this life schedule that you are forced to follow. Rip it up in half and through it away, because the only time where you are truly living, is when there is a surprise waiting right around the corner.


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  1. Josilyn Nicole says:

    I absolutely agree with everything that you said. My uncle didn’t go to college, but he is now a multimillionaire, who is running a multi-million dollar home décor company. It’s crazy to think that so many parents are only focused on their children’s education that they don’t really give their kids time to just explore and discover new things. If my uncle went to college, he wouldn’t be living the life that he is today. He most likely would have majored in something else besides interior design, because he would have never realized his love for designing. He never would have built a home décor company if it wasn’t for his freedom to explore other job opportunities. Of course there were many ups and downs, but failing led him to great success. People have this idea that it is impossible for their kids to succeed if they don’t do well in school or don’t continue their education by going to college… but truly it is the opposite. I hope that one day parents will realize that school isn’t the only important thing in life. It’s not the be-all-end-all.

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  2. This needs to be read by SO MANY parents.


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