Drama and Clouds


One Direction is filled to the brim with publicity stunts and news scandals. Louis Tomlinson has a baby, dumped the mother before the baby was born, and is now dating a new actress.  Harry Styles is dating Kendall Jenner, for basically the fifth time. Niall Horan released a new single and signed with a competing record label, causing Simon Cowell to get very angry at the new solo artist.  Liam Payne and his new girlfriend, Cheryl Cole, are already expecting a child.  It truly takes attentiveness to the smallest of details to disprove (or prove) these tabloid rumors.

On every social media site, the members of the One Direction fandom submit pictures, articles, snapshots, and sometimes even song lyrics to try to prove these rumors are false. They come up with their own theories and share it with the rest of the fandom. It gets everyone thinking about what really goes on behind closed doors. You are able to make your own assumptions and your own theories and there will be other people out there who support those ideas. It really brings people together, but it also can cause rifts between the different groups. One Direction has one of the strongest and tight-knit fandoms, but it also has one of the most divided. The section of the fandom you are in could be extremely supportive of you and your ideas, while another section of the fandom will hate you for it. It is good and bad, but it keeps things moving along while the boys are on break.

Take a look at this video to see how talking about what you love really improves your outlook on life.


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